My 1st Pattern

Crochet pattern

I am super excited to have finally published my very 1st pattern!

One of my regular customers asked for 'The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly'. After searching the web for a pattern, I discovered that there was nothing out there. So I made it all up myself using pictures as inspo.

Well.... let me tell you, this was a mammoth task! Of course at this time I never thought to write down everything I was doing, which would have been a mammoth task in itself. Anyway, I finished this awesome project and off she went to her new home to live happily ever after surrounded by little excited kindergarten kids that will love her for years and years.

A little while down the track another customer decided she needed this awesome creation as well. A part of me wanted to say ' sorry this is sold out' but then I thought...hmmm I should probably make a pattern for this at the same time since there is nothing available out there. Long story short, I wrote out every gruelling step to every single piece of this project. Then I had to type it out as well! 

My pattern was then ready to be tested. A few hands went up eagerly for this job however one very patient lady managed to complete it. It did come complete with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and cursing (not included in pattern). My edits were made and my pattern was finally ready after many months of hard work.

So I'm super proud to say she is now published and ready to be tackled by a willing, unsuspecting hooker (crocheter). Definitely not for the faint hearted.

If you are brave enough to purchase this epic project, I hope it gives you and its lucky owner much joy.  GOOD LUCK!

Thanks so much for reading.

You can purchase my pattern here, if you dare!

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  • Nicole on

    Loved and hated testing this pattern now she is done I am proud I did it, she is challenging

  • Leanne Molini on

    Tina, she is a lovely old lady and I have enjoyed watching the laddies that tested her out or she tested them out. I hope she is made meany time over and gives lots of children lots of joy.

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