Wrap and Tie Shawl

10ply Crochet free pattern shawl winter wrap

This project is super easy and works up quite quickly with the 10 ply yarn. Simply grow it to the size you want then decrease back down. This forms a super wide triangle that you wrap and tie around you. There are so many different ways to wear it so have fun making up your own unique style. I love to jazz mine up with an old fashioned cloak pin. You can get these here. 

The left shawl was made using my gorgeous, super soft 10 ply acrylic in 4 different brown tones. Available here.
Ok let's get started!
• 10 ply yarn
• 7mm hook
Darning needle
Stitch & Abbreviations
• Ch – Chain
• Ss – Slip stitch
• Sc – Single crochet
• BLO – Back loop only
• Inc – Increase (sc)
1. Ch 2, 1sc in 2nd chain, ch 1, turn.
2. BLO, Ss into the sc, ch 1, turn.
3. Inc, ch 1, turn.
4. BLO Ss in each st to the end, ch 1, turn.
5. BLO sc in each st to the end, inc in the last st, ch 1, turn.
You will now repeat rows 4 & 5 till you reach the vertical drop length that you want.
Once you are happy with your length, keep repeating rows 4 & 5 HOWEVER, you will be changing the Inc in row 5 to a DECREASE instead. When you have 1 stitch remaining, fasten off and weave in ends.
You can add a boarder if you like as I have done on 1 of mine. Have fun trying all the different ways you can wear yours!
Get your free printable PDF version here.

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